What’s with the Palm?!

I sought for a long time to resurrect my masculine

 symbol to represent two sides to myself, I realized the palm tree does this beautifully, peacefully and so

 side, picking up where I was lacking, becoming whole as a woman - the mother and the father, the nature and the nurture. When looking for a

naturally.  The palm tree represents calm, beach, paradise... an oasis... but when you look further, the palm tree is so much   

more. The palm presents a dichotomy between male and female, representing both your feminine and masculine side. The erect, towering trunk represents masculinity power rising into action, followed by a feminine flowering and expansive display of long supple leaves bearing rich nutritious fruits.

Through dreams, the palm tree also represents

Through dreams, the palm tree also represents one's

ability to rise above, creating peace and spreading light. They send the message to awaken aspects of ourselves, shining brilliantly, to become a whole entity. This is what I

 hope to bring to you at her Elevated. A reawakening of yourself, to represent both sides of you, to blooming into the beautiful and

bold oasis that defines you.