To my clients — I know you have a lot of options when choosing a personal trainer or place of exercise so I thank you for choosing me.

“15 months of learning a new and healthier way of eating.  A diet full of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, and nutrient-dense foods.  I had to learn it’s not just about the calories, but the quality of the food I am fueling my body  with. 11 months with an AMAZING physical trainer, Katie Blomberg, teaching me how to work out through strength training, cardio, and HITT. She has also taught me it’s less about the number on the scale, and it’s more about being proud of what my body can do. Strength is a beautiful thing. It wasn’t a perfect journey, but I have finally reached my goal. I have a normal Body Mass Index, normal body fat percentage, my lab work looks perfect, and for the first time in


my life I’m not considered ‘overweight’. I don’t eat for enjoyment but I eat to fuel my body, I spend days off meal prepping. I spend my breaks at work exercising vs watching TV. Going to the gym is a part of my normal routine. I have adopted a new lifestyle and I have gained so much from it- I have more energy than I ever have. I sleep soundly, I don’t wake up tried anymore. I’m healthy, which makes me happy. My weight has held me back in many aspects of my life growing up, It makes me so proud to know that isn’t an issue anymore.

Here’s to losing 46% of my body weight. Yes, 46%. I don’t say this to brag or boast – but I hope it encourages at least one person to regain control over their health for them. It’s possible, and it’s so worth it. You have one life, don’t let bad eating and poor exercise habits hold you back from enjoying it. (Yes, You can actually enjoy healthy food and exercise.) If you need help from a physician, ask for it. If you need help from friends and family, ask for it. Surround yourself by people who will support you- but most importantly, do you.” – Christy

“Katie has been my personal trainer for several years and I have thoroughly enjoyed our time together  working out.  I’ve been impressed by how she tracks the various routines she selects for me and analyzes my progress. And many of these exercises I can do on my own. I’ve noticed how she understands the need for age-appropriate workouts for me at 70 while encouraging me to push myself. In short, she’s super!”  – Rita

“My mom introduced me to Katie about two months ago and having her for a personal trainer has been one of the best decisions I have made. Katie has helped me gain confidence in myself and appearance by pushing me not only in the gym but also to look at choices I make in my day to day life. She is so supportive and is great if you are looking for someone that you can talk to and will understand that it’s not about a number but how you feel and being happy with yourself because ultimately that’s what health and fitness is all about; you.” – Kim

“Katie is the only trainer I don’t feel self-conscious being around. Katie is a kinder, gentler personal trainer. She won’t focus on your weight or body size. Her main focus is to get your body moving at whatever level you are working at. With that said, Katie will not let you slack off. Katie pushes you to get out of your comfort zone to strive for progress and not perfection. Her main goal is to make you the happiest, healthiest, fittest you.” – Victoria

“Over the past year, I’ve been a part of both Katie’s group fitness classes and her less formal weekend workout group. She has also come up with customized works outs to help me meet my personal fitness goals. Working with Katie has been an absolute joy. She takes a genuine interest in the people she trains and always has an amazingly positive attitude. She sets the bar the high, but understands when you don’t quite reach it and is always proud of whatever progress you do make. I started off with very little fitness experience and Katie’s patience and persistence helped get me to a place where I feel comfortable in even the most intensive workouts.” – Holly

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I've been working with Katie for the past 4 weeks, 1:1 training, 2x per week. So happy with the results! I reached out to Katie because I was coming back from an injury and wanted to incorporate strength into my running routine. She has been great about meeting me where I'm at in my fitness journey, challenging me with a variety of new workouts and making sure I'm balancing our sessions out with other types of exercise and recovery. 
Katie is always on time, texts me reminders for our sessions and checks in with me on our off days. I am loving the 1:1 attention and seeing results already. I highly recommend working with Katie if you're new to fitness or want to take your workouts to the next level. She has the perfect balance of positivity and get sh*t done attitude. - Emma