her Elevated is a beautiful space for all women to comfortably be themselves, to show up in their natural state, to work out in comparison to self, not others, and to find, live and thrive in the Elevated version of who they are.

Four 50-55 minute classes a week will be offered for all levels of fitness. Classes will be kept small to keep the intimacy, keep the space and also so I can make sure you’re all keeping proper form (very important). Classes are a combination of total body strength and cardio and occasionally include a stretch at the end.

Monthly Class Options:


- Unlimited Classes: $160/month

- AM Classes Only: $110/month

- PM Classes Only: $80/month


Can’t commit weekly but want to pop in occasionally? Class Pass is a great option for you. Each package lasts up to three months. If you know you’re committed each week to your workout the monthly package is the best way for you to go!

Class Bundle (good for 3 months):

- 1x - $16

- 5x - $70


- 10x - $120

Katie Blomberg


Inspiring you to live elevated, for you + only you.


I'll help you identify your fitness goals and design an exercise program that fits your needs, guiding you through every workout and exercise. My holistic and functional approach to fitness and health ensures you have fun, feel great and see progress from your hard work. 


We'll discuss food, what you're consuming and how it affects your energy, compliments your movement and how we can make some adjustments if needed. 


Through simplifying movement, nutrition and creating a foundation structured around you, you'll discover YOU, Elevated. 

Training Prices:


- 30-minute sessions 

  10x = $325.00


- 45 minute sessions 

  4x = $180

  10x = $400


- 60 minute sessions

  4x = $240

  10x = $550

Katie Blomberg